Absence Clinic

Optimising Early Intervention

HCB Group’s Absence Clinic dovetails with our Early Intervention Service by helping to achieve early notification of absences and thus improving the outcome of these cases and ensuring the best possible experience for the employee. As our Early Intervention statistics show, the earlier the notification after date first absent, the higher the chance of achieving a sustainable Return to Work.

How does the Clinic work?

HCB Group Clinical and Operations Team members will set up a series of Teams meetings which would include your HR team (and where there are multiple sites involved this could be multiple people) and also, where required, representatives of your insurers claims team. Some Employers like to have Line Manager participation, but in our experience most companies prefer this function to be led by HR. The meetings generally run for about half an hour and the basic agenda would be as follows:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Summary of cases under management
  • Emerging trends (if any)
  • Summary MI
  • Absence Horizon & pipeline

What are the benefits of this service?

Absence clinicYou will receive regular, practical and meaningful Absence Management Support which will optimise workforce attendance and help to improve employee relations and retention.
Absence clinicYou will be aware of trends or circumstances leading to high absence. Management Information and records will be maintained to help inform future practise.
Absence clinicOngoing and practical training for HR around appropriate management of conditions by impairment type through interaction with HCB Clinical Team.

>90% of cases referred within 4 weeks of date first absent return to work with HCB Case Manager support.

Note: Fortnightly Clinics are generally provided for organisations with >500 employees. For smaller Employee groups, calls can be less frequent, monthly, or quarterly as circumstances require.

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