Technical Assessment Services – Pension Trustees and Managers’

What are the benefits of the HCB service

Assessment carried out by experienced claims assessors, and measured objectively against scheme rules;

No waiting – assessment will commence immediately HCB are instructed;

25 years of experience of IHER assessment;

HCB have never had a decision to decline an application appealed by an applicant – this we put down to the detailed rationale provided in our reports for the recommendation made.

Anonymised reports to see the quality of the HCB service can be supplied upon request.

Assessment of Applications for Retirement on the grounds of Ill Health

HCB takes an objective view on the assessment of applications for Ill Health Retirement. We believe it is essential to determine if the applicant meets the scheme definition for ill health retirement using a systematic and evidence-based process. HCB are experts in disability assessment having worked closely with Income Protection Insurers in the assessment of long-term disability claims. Assessments are undertaken by expert disability claims assessors working closely with specialist Medical Officers.

How does it work?

We believe that the assessment requires a different mindset from clinical medicine which requires evaluation of a patient, a diagnosis and a treatment plan. In assessing disability, it is necessary to evaluate the information available to assess what the impairment is (if one is present) and then determine what the Restrictions and/or Limitations are which will then be used to determine Functional Capacity. The process is simple:

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