What our clients say

Feedback from HR departments

  • Valuable support
    We found your support so valuable; your Case Manager has actually made a difference in this employees’ life. She said she had gone off work in the past but went through Occupational Health and their phased return to work plan wasn’t realistic so she ended up going off work again because she didn’t get the support she needed and she wasn’t ready to come back in that capacity. She said that her HCB Case Manager had helped her to feel like it was the right time to come back to work.
  • Shared as an example of good practice
    We found the return to work timetable that you produced really helpful and have shared it as an example of good practice with our partner companies.
  • Returned to full-time work
    Thank you for your work with our employee; we were pleased with the constructive relationship you built with him and were pleased by his reaction to your visit. He has used the report you wrote following your assessment positively; he used the information in it to get the appropriate treatment from his GP. He has now returned to full-time work.
  • Incredibly positive
    Thanks a lot for your help. Our employee has been incredibly positive about her experience with you and I know she has found it very helpful.
  • Lots of value
    I’m thrilled with how positive this case has been and have found a lot of value in the HCB service!
  • Prompt and professional support
    I just want to say thank you to my Case Manager for her prompt and professional support and advice in a difficult situation. Her very calming and informative approach was much appreciated.
  • Warm, helpful interactions
    Thank you for your help in resolving things – our employee has spoken very highly of your warm, helpful interactions and how she felt very much supported throughout the return to work process.
  • Communication was always flawless
    Your Case Manager was quick to respond to our request for help through the insurer. She met with my colleague in person and was able to summarise the issues this person had very succinctly and accurately. Communication was always flawless – on-time and the required level of information. Through regular meetings, she has helped regain their confidence and get them back to winning ways at work. Recovery relies on the patient to make a concerted effort, but it is a reflection of the Case Managers’ personality that the person felt they could open up to her and really listen to the advice she gave. My colleague and I are grateful for the service and for her help.
  • Expert guidance
    An Autonomous, Flexible and Focused Health Care Solution. For over two decades our school had been meeting students’ health care needs by engaging with conventional private insurance companies. However, we found ourselves becoming increasingly frustrated with the restrictions placed on us by these insurance companies. Costs were increasing, whilst the services on offer to the students were decreasing or experiencing greater restrictions. With the expert guidance and administration of the HCB Group the idea of developing a Young Performers’ Health Trust Scheme evolved. Since moving to the Health Trust model we have found ourselves empowered with autonomous decision making on fund allocation. We are now able to negotiate with health care providers to get the best price for their services and have been able to diversify and expanded the expertise within our Health and Wellbeing team. Students are also benefitting from access to a more generous allowances for physiotherapy with this being more than doubled against that of traditional policies. We are so pleased with the relationship we have developed with HCB. Ultimately we feel that we now have a truly focused product that meets the health care needs of our students and that we have set path for other vocational school and performance organisations to follow.

Feedback direct from employees

  • Kind and helpful
    Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice when we spoke on the telephone last week. To be honest, explaining my issues to you was cathartic and a valuable exercise all on its own. I was on leave the last couple of days of the week so I haven’t yet had time to add my comments into the document. I have read the document though – it is excellent and will help me enormously in many ways. I especially like the approach of treating the document as a work in progress and this will help tremendously by keeping me engaged and attentive to what I need to do. Once again, I just want to say that this process is really important for me and will help in many ways. You have been very kind and helpful and for this I’m really grateful.
  • The first time I felt like I was getting any decent help
    It was lovely to meet you and I enjoyed talking to you. It was the first time I felt like I was getting any decent help with my mental health and I have started to put some of your ideas into practice which seem to be helping too.
  • A very positive experience
    The most helpful thing that had happened since I became ill was your visit; I found it a very positive experience and I have really benefitted from you remaining in telephone contact with me. I have also told my HR department how supportive you have been.
  •  I can’t tell you how much it helped me!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to see me on Tuesday; I can’t tell you how much it helped me! I actually feel so much calmer – I can’t put it into words but want to thank you for listening and helping me get it all out! You have helped me so much more than you will ever realise.
  • A complete understanding of my thoughts and feelings
    I received the report. Thank you very much. I was taken aback that in our short time speaking you really heard me and got a complete understanding of my thoughts and feelings.
  • If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now
    I would just like to say thanks for everything that you did for me; if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now. Thanks for all your help it was really appreciated.
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