Early Intervention FAQs

What does the HCB Group model of Early Intervention look like?

Early Intervention is at the heart of what HCB Group does. In HCB’s case, we fulfil this function for Employers, and also for Insurance carriers. In each case, and for obvious reasons, the process is slightly different, but the aim, remains the same – enabling sustainable return to work in optimum time.

Fundamental to our success of course, is our focus on achieving sustainable outcomes, to the benefit of the absentee, but importantly also for the employer and/or the insurer, whose ultimate interests are served well by achieving these outcomes.

What are our aims, and how well do we do?

HCB Group work on the 90/90 principle. We aspire to return 90% of absentees to work within a maximum of 90 days of ‘date of absence’. Our current aggregated results across our client portfolio suggests that on average, we are achieving positive outcomes* in 79% of cases, within 80 days.

How is HCB Group’s model different to, for example, traditional Occupational Health?

HCB Group have spent 25 years honing component parts of our service, blending compassion and common sense and adding scientific research, which is continually being refined. HCB Group chooses to draw absence management, case management and rehabilitation together into a single service. The golden key is the absentee – our clinical case managers engage positively with them and successfully work with them to agree a Return to Work plan.

How does it Work?

HCB Group can help clients identify a rationale for referral. Cases are referred according to relationship, and either by encrypted email or for larger clients, a bespoke portal within an HCB Case Management Database. A Case Manager is appointed, who works with all stakeholders, focussing on achieving a sustainable outcome.

[Positive Outcomes are defined as:- (1) Return to Work Full Time; (2) Return to Work Part Time; (3) Fit to return to work, but other outcome achieved, eg; exit from business negotiated etc].

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