Employee Health Management Services

Absence Clinic

What is Absence Management? A recording system, a spreadsheet, a process? Let’s be honest, most HR professionals don’t understand absence, and prefer not to have to deal with it. For HCB clients, the Absence Clinic is a practical means of quickly and efficiently handling absence in the most appropriate way. A fortnightly or monthly meeting, designed to help HR properly understand and handle absence. Quick, efficient, and productive. Ask for more details. It really works.

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Health in Hand

Covid has recentred the way the world thinks about health, staying well, and employers have finally recognised the importance of a healthy and motivated workforce. HCB’s Health in Hand calendar provides a consistent output of advice and supportive information throughout the year for employees of HCB clients, and offers free webinars on key topics.

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Wellbeing Days

In support of promoting Wellbeing and Self-care, we are delighted to offer a Wellbeing Day Service to help employers take a proactive approach to their workforce wellbeing.

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Virtual GP Service

HCB Group have negotiated unbeatable rates for employees and their families, for access to 24/7 Virtual GP services. This can be accessed either as part of an Employee Health Management plan with HCB Group, or completely standalone if required. Please mail us on enquiries@hcbgroup.co.uk for more detailed information.



Women’s health and more specifically, the menopause, is becoming increasingly recognised as a key aspect of health and wellbeing in the workplace. HCB Group is proud to offer a suite of services to support employers and employees with all aspects of menopause. Our support ranges from awareness training to holding Menopause 1-2-1’s onsite in client offices, as part of the HCB Group commitment to Wellness, in the form of our Health in Hand calendar. We also work in partnership with a specialist GP service that run women’s health clinics to facilitate referrals for employees requiring further assessment and support.


Perinatal and Family Support Services

The journey to becoming a family has many routes. These routes can present various challenges with regards to our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Staying safe and well during every step of this journey is not only of paramount importance to expectant and new parents, it also requires a duty of care on the part of employers. To support with this, HCB Group offer a detailed and holistic assessment as part of our Early Intervention service suite, to support employees who are pregnant or going through adoption, surrogacy or fertility treatment, to remain safe and well at work.

We recognise that the journey to becoming a family can sadly also have unexpected outcomes related to loss and bereavement. HCB Group are here to offer additional support for both employees and employers, during these difficult times. After a period of leave from work to start a family, the return to work can feel daunting for many reasons and so we also offer an assessment prior to the return to work, to ensure support is in place for both employees and their employers.


Post Viral Fatigue (Long Covid)

As the Covid19 pandemic continues to evolve, HCB Group remain committed to supporting employees with the management of ongoing post viral symptoms that can be associated with long covid. HCB Group recognise the impact these symptoms have on a person’s health and wellbeing as well as their home and work life. As part of the HCB Group Early Intervention and Employee Health Management Assessments, we have partnered with specialist Physiotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other relevant services designed to help improve symptoms and expedite recovery.


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