Celebrating 30 years with staff, clients and our local community

Continuing the theme of HCB’s 30th Anniversary which we are immensely proud of, we are excited to be able to mark this milestone in various different ways.

HCB’s staff have all been given their birthday as extra holiday day this year.  For our clients we have a range of events and activities planned, so watch this space for more information! We wanted to do something as well for our local community, so we are working closely with local Dance School, Downland Dance.  HCB have provided Downland Dance with a bursary fund which we hope will support a number of children in our local community to enable some children the opportunity to enjoy dance where they would not otherwise have been able to due to cost.  We know the huge benefits these extracurricular activities can bring to a child’s wellbeing. We plan to follow the progress of our supported children through the year, and will post our activities here so that our friends and followers can share in our celebration.

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