With the UK governments each recently publishing their roadmaps to easing Covid-19 restrictions, we have a strong indication as to when we can expect to return to ‘business as usual’. Whilst we are keen for this to happen as soon as possible, we are mindful that this will need to be a gradual process and we at HCB Group will do all we can to ensure that we do not do anything which might risk undoing the progress we have all worked for in the past few months.

With this in mind, HCB Group’s small office-based team will remain working from home during this initial phase of restriction relaxation. We will undertake regular reviews of updated guidance and any changes announced by government. All members of the team have been issued with the equipment they require to complete their roles remotely. Whilst at home, staff will continue to follow advice to prevent the spread of Covid-19 including frequent hand washing and self-isolating within the home should they show any symptoms of the virus.

HCB Group will continue to engage with all our clients and partners and offer bespoke support to meet the needs of business and individuals during this difficult time. Whilst lockdown restrictions remain in place, regrettably we will not be able to offer face-to-face contact services as we would normally do. However, we are pleased to continue to provide high quality video assessment, should this meet your needs. We are also able to continue providing our telephone assessment and case management support as usual. If you would like to discuss which provision might best meet your needs, please get in touch.

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