HCB team supports COVID-19 efforts

With yesterday marking the 200th anniversary since Florence Nightingale was born and International Nurses Day, we wanted to recognise the various ways in which some of the HCB team are supporting the current situation we all face.

Several of our nurses have returned to the NHS working on the frontline in hospitals. One of our Case Managers has been working with the Health & Wellbeing team and Manchester University Foundation Trust supporting with staff COVID-19 test results & advice.  Another has been working on the COVID-19 helpline for nurses and Staff in Ireland. Our Head of Clinical Services, Chrissy Clark, is working full time with HCB and then spends 1 day of the weekend working on one of the COVID-19 wards at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

In the community, our Head of Retail Services, Karen Gamble, is volunteering with a group to help deliver groceries, medication & other basic provisions to the most economically and physically disadvantaged, becoming their lifeline during this time.

We are very proud of all that they are doing. Thank you.


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