HCB to provide CBS Health Cognitive Assessments

As part of our commitment to working with evidence-based and innovative technology, HCB is pleased to announce that we are now using the CBS Health web enabled platform to assess cognition.

Cognition is a major determinant of work place performance and wider quality of life.

Utilising the CBS Health suite of tasks will enable us to provide an accurate, quantified measurement of subjective or self-reported symptoms related to cognitive function in our clients’ populations, measured against a large dataset of people within the same defined demographics.

Employers and Employees will have increased confidence in designing a return to work plan which is safe and sustainable, taking into account duties that could be impacted by any cognitive impairment.

CBS Health can be used to measure the effectiveness of interventions to improve cognitive performance. It will also help those employees with chronic or progressive conditions to stay active and engaged in the workplace for as long as possible.



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