Mark Handford’s retirement celebration

Great retirement lunch for HCB’s Mark Handford, who has decided to “put down his pen”, having run HCB’s Technical Team since the retirement of David Pitcher a couple of years ago.  Mark was with HCB following his retirement from Sun Life of Canada (Confederation Life for those who can remember that far back), and has been a significant asset to our TPA and technical claims function for a good number of years.  Attending the celebration  was the original HCB Technical Head, Peter Smith of Friends Provident vintage, and David Pitcher, who joined HCB from Medical Sickness Society and Permanent Insurance Company.
HCB’s ongoing Technical Team will be led by Mike Smith (also pictured), son of Peter, and also ex Friends Provident!
Picture (clockwise):  Jim Harris, Mike Smith, Mark Handford, David Pitcher, Peter Smith
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