New Long Covid Service launched

Long Covid Assessment & Treatment Pathway – Route to Recovery

We are delighted to launch  a new rehabilitation service which has been designed to support the management of symptoms which most significantly impact on a person’s functionality following a Covid diagnosis, with a focus on enabling them to return to their pre-covid activities including sustained return to work.

Long Covid, and other terms related to ongoing Covid related symptoms, is recognised by the healthcare community as a new and emerging condition and is already known in some cases to have a significant effect on the impacted person’s quality of life. Currently, there is no clinical definition or uniformly agreed treatment Pathway.

How the service works

The partner services have all been carefully selected as they have the same focus/ethos in restoring functionality to achieve a return to all pre-illness activities.

Jim Harris, Managing Director of the HCB Group commented;

The impact left in the wake of the Coronavirus is likely to be one of the biggest ongoing risks to staff health and wellness that many organisations will experience ever in their professional lifetimes. I sense that Long Covid will present challenges to employees, employers, and by implication Income Protection Insurers for years to come. It is for this reason that HCB has reacted early with the launch of this Assessment & Treatment Pathway to help our clients face these challenges right now and help keep as many employees as possible at work, or support their return to work quickly and efficiently.


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