New Mental Health Partnership with Best Hopes

Having recently launched our ‘Returning with You’ service, we are excited to be further developing our mental health expertise by partnering with Best Hopes.  Best Hopes help to support people who experience burnout, mental health issues, workplace stress, anxiety and low mood. Best Hopes use a positive psychology-based approach, which has proven to be empowering for employees and claimants.

As Occupational and Coaching Psychologists, the team at Best Hopes have an excellent underpinning of evidenced based psychological techniques that support employees and claimants with their self-management, motivation, engagement, and self confidence. They enable them to build resilience and get back into a routine of work after a period of absence, especially where their mental wellbeing has been affected, and deliver this through a range of brief psychological interventions.

Best Hopes are pro people and pro work, based on the premise that with the right support and techniques people are better off in work. They are industry leaders in utilising coaching for improved mental health, wellbeing and enhanced communication and we are delighted to now be partnering with them.

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