Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB

A message from Managing Director, Jim Harris

With an unbelievably heavy heart, I heard last week that my friend, my mentor, my colleague, Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB passed away on 29th May. Much has already been published on the legacy left behind by this amazing man. His well-published mantra, “work is good for you” has been evidenced and widely written about, and Mansel’s research and life’s work has been brought to life in the HCB Group Employee Health Management Programme, which he helped us construct over the last 20 years.

Before he died, I promised Mansel that I would make sure that we continue to follow his teaching and that his work would live on in the work we do every single day, continuing to understand and properly implement the BioPsychoSocial model of which he was so proud.

Mansel had a profound impact on countless lives, and certainly a very significant and indelible impact on mine. I feel honoured and privileged to have been able to call him a friend, and I will miss him forever. Sir Mansel, thank you, may your dear soul Rest in Peace.

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