Rehabilitation – can it function without early intervention?

Sometimes a simple headline can make you think, make your blood boil or make you reflect.  Recently there was a headline that merely stated  XYZ insurance company is now offering rehabilitation support to its individual clients as well as to its group clients. A fairly innocuous opening to a press release, but when you read into it you could wonder, why didn’t they offer this anyway? Or, is this really such a big deal? And finally, hang on, how will this work?

Will they rehabilitate anybody, at any time and how will they even know that rehabilitation is necessary?  That’s before we get into the type and scope of rehabilitation that will required, how long it will be needed, and how long will they fund it?

The presentation we have put together asks, quite simply, how can rehabilitation work effectively unless early intervention is also promoted and the case is actively managed.

But enough of this, please look through our presentation.  It looks best when viewed full screen, use the controls at the bottom to make it full screen and to move from page to page.

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